Five filters for better job search

Searching for jobs is often not much fun.

You want to be as efficient as possible so that you can find the best jobs in the shortest amount of time.

In this second article in our Advanced Search Tips Series, we will explore using filters to improve your search efficiency.

In case you missed it, the first article in this series was on 6 red-hot advanced search tips for Jora.

Five really useful filters

Jora provides a number of filters that can help you find only jobs that you are interested in.

Based on recent user experience research sessions, I think it is clear that many more users could benefit from using the filters.

Job seekers are sometimes too focused on the list of results and don’t notice that very useful filters are available.

The most useful filters are:

  1. Distance filter – find just jobs nearby
  2. Listed date filter – find just recently advertised jobs
  3. Job type filter – find just part-time or casual jobs of “fly-in-fly-out” jobs
  4. Salary estimate filter – helps you set a minimum annual salary for advertised jobs
  5. Category filter – find only jobs from a particular industry (see the next screenshot)

1. The ‘Distance’ filter

When you search for jobs in Jora and you include a suburb or town name, the geographic area searched will be a circle that has a diameter of 100 kilometres. That is a big, big area. If you are in Sydney, that is the distance from the Harbour Bridge to Katoomba. If you are in Melbourne, it is the distance from Frankston to Sunbury.

If you only want a more local job you really need to use the distance filter after you get the initial results.

You might consider using “exact location only” if you want a job within walking distance or near a particular train station. You might use a 5 kilometres radius if you are happy getting to work by bicycle or by bus or if someone local can drop you at work. You might use 10 km if you happy spending about 20 minutes commuting.

2. The ‘Listed Date’ filter

Job ads can persist on Jora for up to 60 days. You might only be interested in the most recent jobs.

This filter lets you show only the job ads that are most recent. You can choose one of these settings:

24 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days.

Use the 24 hour filter if you use the site everyday and only want the new jobs. The 7 day filter can be useful if you only visit the site once per week.

3. The ‘Job Type’ filter

There are different type of job employment hours and conditions – for example: full-time, part-time, casual/temporary or contract positions.

You might only be interested in part-time jobs.

Rather than include “part-time” in your search query, it is more efficient to search for the job by title and then use the job type filter to find just the part-time jobs.

You can choose one of these 8 job type options: full time, casual / temporary, contract, part-time, permanent, volunteer, internship or “fly in fly out”.

4. The Salary Estimate filter

The salary estimate filter is useful if you have a good idea of the minimum annual salary that you are willing to accept. The salaries are estimates based on similar jobs with known salaries.

Currently, you can choose only one of the five annual salary options shown above: $30K+, $50K+, $70K+, $90K+ or $110K+

5. The ‘Category’ filter

This filter lets you find jobs from a particular industry.

Every job listed on Jora has been automatically classified as being relevant to one, two or three industries. For example, a sales manager position in a hotel might be categorised as belonging to both the Hospitality category and the Sales category.

Within each category, there are also sub-categories that can be used to further filter a set of results.

When you click on a category name such as “Engineering”, you will notice that the term “cat:engineering” is added into the “WHAT” query box. You can use that term yourself if you want to automatically filter by that category.

What about the other filters?

There are also filters for job source and location and job title. Each of those filters looks at the results and shows the most frequent entries. Job source can be the name of an employing company, the name of a recruitment company or the name of the web site where the job ad was originally published.

So there you have it – some great filters that let you take control of your job search so that you never miss out on the jobs that are most relevant for you. Please let us know if there are other filters that you would like to see on Jora search results. Contact me at