6 red-hot advanced search tips for Jora

Advanced Search Tips Series - #1

In the Advanced Search Tips Series, we will be looking at ways to fine-tune your search query to find the exact job that you want.

In article #1 of this series, we will be looking at 6 top tips that can supercharge your job searching on Jora by filling in the ‘WHAT’ box differently.

1. Try a variety of terms in the ‘WHAT’ box

In the ‘WHAT’ box, most people enter a job title or an industry.

Alternatively, you search in a different way by entering a company name or skill or type of employment or the name of a shopping centre:

2. Keep it simple

Often, 1 word is better than 2 words.

Jora typically finds jobs that match to every word in your search term, so any extra words may greatly reduce the number of jobs found.

For example:

Once you have a view of the entire breadth of jobs available, then you can narrow it down using more advanced searches of the facets on the left column of the Search Engine Results Page.

3. For an EXACT phrase match use double quotation marks

Sometimes you may want to search only for a particular job title or phrase in a job ad:

4. Use the word ‘OR’ to match to EITHER of 2 or more words

By default, Jora searches for jobs that must include every word in the ‘WHAT’ box. The last two examples show the use of double quotes if you want to include 2-word terms in your OR query.

5. Exclude jobs that match a word or phrase with the exclamation mark

To exclude jobs based on a match to a word or phrase use the exclamation mark before the word or phrase:

6. Use brackets to do complicated queries

For example, this query will find part-time blood sample collectors (phlebotomists) and remove speech pathology jobs:

Here’s part 2 in our series on Advanced Search Tips.