Five great tips to find a job during the COVID 19 pandemic

The job situation has clearly changed in the past five months. The number of jobs advertised hit a low at the end of April but has improved since then. There are also more people looking for jobs.

Here are five really important tips to help you find a job now, especially if you have lost a part-time or casual job:

  1. Use Jora Local – our own amazing free service for local jobs. Jobseekers really love it …more
  2. Search locally using the radius filter – concentrate on 5 kilometres from where you live …more
  3. Leave the “WHAT” box blank to find less-skilled jobs – and then use the job type filter to find casual or part-time jobs …more
  4. Learn to use exact matching and special keywords to make your searches more relevant …more
  5. Strongly consider installing the Jora app on your phone to get instant job offers pushed to your phone …more

1. Use Jora Local to find local casual jobs

Jora Local is definitely worth trying. Employers love it and jobseekers love it. It is JORA’s custom-built employment platform just for local jobs. It works via the Jora Local app that you install on your phone or via the Jora Local website. Employers list their jobs and we send them the profiles of matching local jobseekers - it couldn’t be simpler than that!

Jora Local is free for all advertisers and jobseekers.

Our satisfaction surveys show that 80% of people who use it would recommend it to a friend.

If you register with Jora Local you can get text messages directly from local employers the moment the job is first advertised.

Find out more about the Jora Local App here:

Why do jobseekers love Joral Local?

Jora Local has been built from the ground-up here in Australia, in close consultation with jobseekers and employers over a five-year period of continuous improvement.

You can see how many jobs are available right now through Jora Local on the Jora site by doing this search (“Jora Local” with double-quotes to force an exact match) across all the whole country. Change the location to see jobs for your city or town.“jora+local”&l=

You need to register with Jora Local to apply for these jobs.

Jora Local has jobs for a limited set of occupations:

Hospitality jobs



Bar Assistant / Bussie

Café / Restaurant All-rounder


Dish Hand

Food Delivery Driver

Host or Hostess

Kitchen Hand

Sandwich Hand

Team Member

Waiter or Waitress

Reception and retail jobs


Retail Cashier

Retail Shop Assistant

Trade and services and warehouse jobs

Commercial Cleaner

Construction Labourer

Domestic Cleaner

Event Labourer

General Labourer

Industrial Cleaner

Landscape & Garden Labourer

Painting Labourer


Warehouse Assistant / Pick Packer

2. Search locally using the distance filter

After you perform a search on Jora, you can filter the search to look just for jobs within a set distance of a location.

You can choose to reduce the default 50-kilometre search radius to 25 kilometres, 10 kms, 5 kms or 0 kilometres (an exact match to the location only).

In these turbulent times, it can hard for employers to predict how busy they will be on any day. Many employers may now want workers who are located nearby.

…. so …. after you do a search, considered selecting “5 kms” from the distance filter, to get the most local job ads.

Selecting a smaller distance can produce a smaller, more relevant setup results - making the job application process less overwhelming.

3. Leave the “WHAT” box blank to find less-skilled jobs

If you leave the WHAT box blank and put a location in the WHERE box, you will get all the jobs within 50 kilometres of the chosen location.

The less-skilled jobs and more local jobs will tend to be listed first. This is a great way to find jobs that may not require formal qualifications.

You can then use the filters to get the most relevant results for you.

Perhaps use the distance filter to find more local results

… or … use the job type filter to find just casual or part-time jobs

4. Learn to use exact matching and special keywords for better searches

Like many other search engines, Jora has special ways to do advanced searches.

If you learn those special techniques, you can improve the relevance of your searches - helping you find more relevant jobs with less effort.

Putting double quotes (“) around a search term forces an “exact match”. The job title, company or job description must contain that exact word or series of words.

You can also use the special keyword OR to combine two or more search terms.

When is this useful?

It can be useful when you want to only search for a particular business or a particular skill.

For example, “woolworths” will only find jobs that mention the word woolworths.

A search for “mandarin” will only match jobs that have the word mandarin - so might find jobs where you need to speak in the Mandarin language.

A search for the charity or “not for profit” will find jobs from charities (and similar terms) and jobs that must have the phrase “not for profit”.

Here are some more examples of searches where jobseekers have found it useful to use an exact match or use the OR keyword :

“travel industry” OR “tourism” OR “hospitality” OR “event management”

cleaner OR attendant OR console OR “crew member”

“admin” or “office administrator” or “customer service” or “office support”

“apprentice” hairdresser

“graduate” mechanical engineer

5. Strongly consider installing the Jora app on your phone

These are some of the benefits of installing the JORA app:

The JORA app gets very good ratings in the App Store and the Play Store. You can see what other people are saying about the JORA app, and you can let us know about the improvements you want to see.

Check out the JORA App here: