Quick Apply on Jora: How to use it

This article will guide you through the steps of using the Quick Apply feature on Jora. This application process is similar for both the desktop and mobile versions of Jora.

What is Quick Apply?

Instead of being redirected to an employer website to apply for a job, you can save time by sending applications directly from Jora.

When this option is available, you will see ‘Quick Apply’ (highlighted in red) in the snippet for that job on the Jora search results page.

In general, direct-posted jobs and jobs requiring simple application to a specific email address have the ‘Quick Apply’ option.

How to use Quick Apply

When you see a job with the red ‘Quick Apply’ text in the search results, click on the job to view it.

Then you can click on the ‘Quick Apply’ button on the bottom or on the top right corner of the job description page.

You now have two options to apply:

Option 1: Apply without logging in to Jora

In the dialog shown below, simply enter your:

You also can upload your resume by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ button. After submission, you will see a notification that ‘Your application has been submitted’. Your details, resume and message will be sent to the employer’s email address.

Option 2: Apply after logging in to Jora

If you register and login into Jora, you can save time by reusing your existing Jora resume. You can also select a different resume to apply with.

At any time, you can update your existing Jora resume by uploading a new one. The resume file can be one of these file types:

Before sending off your application, please remember to check your resume carefully. If you have any further queries about the job, contact the employer using the details in the job description.