How do I search for jobs on Jora?

In this post, we will go through the basic features offered by Jora to make job search easier.

The Search Page

The Jora Search Page provides 2 fields, ‘what’ and ‘where’, to begin your search.

You can choose to fill-in:


The Search Engine Results Page

When you click on the search button, Jora returns a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) based on the current search parameters.

There are 4 main features on a Jora SERP:

  1. Search Bar The search bar allows you to make a follow-up search without going back to the homepage.

  2. Job Results A list of jobs matching your current search which can show all (default) or new jobs and be sorted by relevance or date. Each job result can include the job title, company, location, snippet description and the time listed. Clicking on the job title will link to the detailed job description, and there are links to save and share the job.

  3. Facets The facets sidebar allows filtering of the search results to get even more relevant results. Facets include: listed date, job type, title, source, location and category.

  4. Email Alert Activation The email alert activation feature allows the creation of an email alert based on the current search. When this feature is activated, an email will be sent once a day to the nominated email address with new search results using the current search terms.

Jora has many more advanced features which can help you find the most relevant jobs. Learn more about how to use these features at Craig’s upcoming series on Advanced Job Search.