Managing your job ad on Jora

This article will walk you through how to manage your Jora job ad. Unlike other job boards, in addition to unlimited free posting, Jora offers free editing of your job ad. If you haven’t posted your free job ad yet, you can do so here.

For reasons why you should post on Jora and tips on how to fill in that form please read Posting a job for free on Jora. In summary, here are four reasons why you should post on Jora:

  1. Great reach
  2. Absolutely free to post and edit
  3. Quick and easy process
  4. Recruitment synergy

In an upcoming blog post, we will also be providing tips for optimising your job ad, which aims to cover the importance of having your Job Ad correctly formatted and designed to do well for online search engines.

How to Easily Manage your Jora Job Ad

After you post a job advertisement, you will receive a confirmation email. From your email, you can click on the Edit Job button to start editing your Free Job Ad.

Once you click Edit Job button, you will be redirected to Jora Edit Job page. In here, you can choose the section you want to edit:

You can also delete your job ad from this screen.

In the Job Description, you can format by making your writing in bold, italic or underlined. After you make your changes, save your work by clicking ‘Update Job’. Job ads are usually published very quickly, but if your job is not updated within 24 hours feel free to contact us.

You can also delete your job ad by clicking ‘Delete Job’ button. Don’t worry, we take your privacy seriously and will not share any unrelated personal details with anyone.

In order for your job ad to attract the most relevant candidates, it is important that the Job Ad contains enough information and is of sufficient quality. Jora takes job quality very seriously and has systems in place to detect spam and fraudulent job advertisements. Please do not post the same job several times, as it will get caught in our spam filter.

No matter how big or small your company, for a full-time or part-time position, with or without experience, posting your job on Jora allows you to connect your job to more relevant candidates. It is a quick and easy process – you only need to fill in a simple one-page form. Best of all, you can post as many jobs as you wish for FREE.

If you would like to make your ad stand out, you can sponsor your ads with Jora. Sponsored ads appear at the top of search results and in other prominent places as well. Find out more about sponsoring jobs in upcoming blog articles.